【Party Building Garden】 "Life is a long road, integrity is always accompanied" - Luoyang Jinlu held the 2022 Integrity Education Publicity Month Kick-off Meeting

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On the afternoon of August 10, Luoyang Jinlu held the kick-off meeting of the 2022 Integrity Education And Publicity Month, which was attended by Yang Yue, general secretary of the party branch and general manager of the company, team members and leading cadres at or above the middle level. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Jing Chaohui, member of the discipline inspection committee of the general party branch of the company and assistant general manager.
      First of all, Mr. Jing introduced the content of the 2022 Clean Practitioner Education Publicity Month. The publicity month activities mainly focused on 4 groups of leading cadres, young workers, grass-roots workers and family members of employees, and carried out "9 Ones" education activities around 4 themes.
      Next, Mr. Yang led all the participants to recite the integrity pledge and signed the letter of commitment to the integrity of leading cadres. Subsequently, everyone watched the micro-film "Speaking of Honest Practice" and paid attention to the public account of "Clean and Honest Xiamen", aiming to use the surrounding affairs to educate the people around them and the online learning platform to let everyone deeply understand the importance of honest practice, and better inherit the fine tradition of hard work and honesty and honesty of Xiamen Tungsten.
      By holding the launch meeting of the publicity month for honest and honest practice education, it not only enhanced the awareness of the company's middle-level and above leading cadres to work honestly, but also further guided and educated all leading cadres and employees to always keep a clear head, self-respect and self-examination, effectively integrate the concept of honesty and honesty into daily work, achieve honesty and self-discipline and clean practice, jointly create a good atmosphere of state-owned enterprises, continuously promote clean and upright work, and help the company develop steadily with honest and honest responsibility.

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